Good Art - A picture tells a thousand words

Good Morning,

Have you ever thought about why you like a particular artwork?

If you walk around any art gallery you will hear people saying "I like that ", " Oh wow, I like that one! " We all have done it.

Lately it dawned on me that the common link in the kind of art I admire is that the artist creates a world. It may be a strange idiosyncratic world, a kooky world, a raw edgy world, a romantic world or a mysterious world but it makes me want to find out more about the place...the place that the artist has created... and the good thing is I can visit that place in their creations. I can travel to new lands without leaving my house.

I admire these artists. Yes we all create - food, letters, our persona, our home, our lifestyle some create children but to create another whole world now that is seriously good.

Here is a short list of artists I am enjoying for this reason:

Eric Frietas and his amazing, moving, metallic world
Eric Orchard illustrates story books and comics amongst other things.
Greg Spalenka ancient world mystical illuminations
Tod Seelie photographs the everyday with an edge
Kinuko Y. Craft romantic fairy tale story world

They all have amazing sites too as you would expect from artists.
If you are a visual person, like me, here are some of their worlds. But I am not going to tell whose is whose - you will have to visit their sites to find out.
(If any one cares to identify them all correctly in comments I will send you a prize!)
" No great artist ever sees things as they really are... If he did, he would cease to be an artist. " comment by Oscar Wilde (please excuse him his use of the masculine.)

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