Most Helpful Person Award

Dianne Carroll won a competition run by American Express with the support of Oprah, as part of Oprah's Australian tour.

For her ongoing and amazing efforts, Dianne has been awarded a one hundred thousand dollar grant for her charity, Trans-Help, to help truck drivers and their families and given the title "Australia's Most Helpful Person."

Dianne Carroll is the daughter of a truck driver and one of six children. She knows first hand what her mother and siblings lived through with one parent often not at home and on the road. Dianne could see a unique problem where drivers were working away from family and home for long stretches at a time. Families had to deal with many issues including loss, trauma, depression, injury and drivers health issues.
She started the Trans-Help Foundation to help transport drivers and their families in times of need.

Just one of Trans-Helps amazing initiatives is the travelling Health and Support Unit. The "Health and Support Unit has enabled drivers to be checked on the road for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, depression, and also a variety of support brochures covering road trauma, cancer etc...
Trans-Help believes this unique program is ensuring the industry a healthier one, whilst also reducing fatalities on our roads." TRUCKERS NEWS QUARTERLY You can check here regulary to find out where the Unit will be next.

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