Is There Such a Thing as “Too Cute” with Easter Cards?

Taste can vary with Easter cards. A lot. Some people don’t mind, or even want to get cards that push up the cuteness with fluffy chicks, bunnies, and chocolate eggs. Other people, however, may want something that’s a bit more traditional, or that is tied into the religious part of the Easter holiday. In this context, is there a danger that you can be ‘too cute’ with your Easter cards, and capable of offending someone? What are the best kinds of cards to go for if you do want to use a more balanced approach?

Too Cute?
Whether something’s too cute will ultimately depend on who you’re giving the card to - very cute and cartoonish cards can be a bit of a risk if you’re giving them to someone that you either don’t know very well, or doesn’t appear to have a fondness for all things fluffy. Similarly, any cards that are heavy on Easter themed puns, which might include wishing someone an ‘Eggstra-special Easter’, might not be taken the right way. In this case, being too cute can be a problem.
Are there alternatives, then, to sending an effective card with the cuteness dialled back a bit? One approach to take is to use eCards, which can be ideal for Easter time. ECards can be sent out without postage and packing costs, and can be easily downloaded and customised to include personal messages, videos, and photographs. In this way, you can work with templates and a wide range of different cards to decide on whether something’s too cute, or whether it can be distinguished by putting your take on it.

Maybe a Custom Approach?
You can customise eCards in multiple ways, and can take a similar approach to traditional cards. Hand making an Easter card means that you have more control over whether you want to include something that is too cute; alternatively, you can go the other way and choose a really cute card, and then apologise retrospectively for the card - there’s also nothing wrong with working in some cute phrasing to a card - something like ‘Happy Easter! Hop on over and see us sometime!’ can be effective, for example.
Another good way to compromise is to use dancing and animation with an eCard - it may still be cute, but it can also be turned around and made funny. Dancing rabbits, rock playing chicks, and adding in your own photograph into a picture can help to further personalise a card, and can make it easier to balance things out. It’s also important to remember that, for some cards, there probably isn’t a limit for being too cute - while not all children will appreciate the cute route; many will have a much higher tolerance for singing and dancing animals, as long as there’s some Easter chocolate to go along with it.

Think of the Recipient
Ultimately, then, there isn’t really a limit on being ‘too cute’, although it’s always crucial to think about whether the person you’re giving a card to has an inbuilt cuteness threshold that you don’t want to go over. This threshold can usually be guessed by the kinds of cards that person’s given in the past, and whether they’ve appreciated any eCards or other messages that you’ve sent their way since you’ve known them.

Author Bio 
Emily Steves is an enthusiastic blogger who has recently been looking for alternate and more “green” gift options such as to use eCards to send warm greetings to her family. She believes this is the best option without losing weight of the wallet.


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