Frugal Friday Challenge: what did you do?

My biggest success in frugal living is to stop going to the shops, the mall, the stores.
If I don't see something I don't want it.
If I don't smell something, like coffee, I don't want it.
My worst temptation, and idiotic spending, is stationary - somehow I just think that the new clean notebook will help me get organized, the new pencil will make me create an amazing illustration, the new address book will change my life.

So the best thing I did this week was keep my money in my pocket and not spend it. I spent $2.00 on parking to go swimming. I spent money on the weekly groceries, only going to the shop to buy the food, nothing else. I spent $6.95 on lunch one day for a delicious taiwanese lunch pack with hot sour soup which I saved for the next days lunch.

What thing did you do this week to live simply and stay frugal?


  1. Hi Lesley, I prepared my lunch for work each day and I made sure to be on time to take buses so I didn't have to waste money on taxi's :)

  2. This is massive, Have you worked out how much you saved? You sound like you are getting really organized.

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