FRUGAL FRIDAY: BASIC WARDROBE or how many clothes can you wear at once?

Did you know the Dalai Lama has 2 sets of clothes? Now that is frugal! I am not advocating that but know I find life much easier when I go on holiday with a pared down wardrobe of only a few items where:
1. everything fits
2. everything mixes and matches
3. everything fits the activities I will be doing

A really basic minimalist, western world wadrobe would possibly include the following:

Blue Denim jeans

A good pant (or good jeans) or skirt

1 casual pant ( I need this comfort item and wear them at home every day)

White shirt or another colour if you don't like white

T shirt

Good shoes

Casual shoes

Jacket or jumper

Work clothes (for whatever you do)

Dress for women and a suit and tie for men

Socks and underwear

Oh and it's raining here today so maybe a raincoat

This does seem really basic but 2 jeans and 2 tops already give you 4 outfits - double the Dalai Lama! If you feel that is too restricting I like to add a scarf or necklace.
So why do we make it so complicated? This is really worth thinking about.This definately is a First World Problem.
I am off to declutter my wardrobe. I love this minimalist approach as I feel so much more organized and spend less time getting dressed every day. Maybe it won't be as basic as the suggestion above but it is something to build on and after all how many clothes can you wear at once?


  1. I believe in being a minimalist as well, you wouldn't think Valentina was my daughter though... she loves to accumulate items... that will be changing as we de-clutter to get ready for our move:)

    I do have way more than 2 outfits but not the excess that some people have;)

    1. When are you moving Lauuna? It sounds like it might be life changing


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