London museum shows intimate side to singer Amy Winehouse

AMY Winehouse seemed to live in public, but her fans never knew the private person.
An exhibition at London's Jewish Museum aims to reveal an intimate side to a troubled star who was also, in the words of her older brother Alex, "simply a little Jewish kid from North London with a big talent."
"Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait" brings together items from the late singer's London childhood, her stage-school years and her short but stratospheric career in music - from her first guitar to a posthumous Grammy Award.
By the time she died in 2011 at the age of 27, Winehouse was a larger-than-life figure whose battles with drugs and alcohol, splashed across front pages around the world, sometimes seemed to overshadow her talent. The exhibition shows that she was also a young woman who loved music, loved London and loved her family. Read full article and exhibition dates at The Australian.
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  1. I didn't know much about Amy Winehouse but it was a very sad story...

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  2. Yes, Launna, avery sad story as she was such a talented and honest singer. Thanks for the spam ideas, so much.


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