Meatless Monday: current favourite recipe

We are always looking for good recipes to go meatless which around here is both for frugality and health and today will post one of our favourites: Veggie chilli and rice with crunchy tortilla and avocado salad.

 It's from Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals, though I must confess it takes us a little longer but that is probably because we enjoy the experience of 3 of us cooking together in the kitchen. So if you are loving the idea of some spicy and fresh Mexican go to Jamie's site for the recipe, which also includes nutritional information of each serve - carbs, protein, fat etc.
I love it as:
  •  it is a quick meal, due to use of canned beans and passata sauce 
  • the beans and sauce can be purchased cheaply
  • everyone in our house of 5, sometimes 6, eats it
  • we love chilli
  • there is the fresh component of the salad
  • the salad is delicious
  • we find it just as good without wild rice and only use long grain
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  1. I love meatless meals... I usually have them anywhere from 3-4 times per week :)

  2. That's impressive, do you do it for preference, health or cost?


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