CHOOSE A CHALLENGE to help the environment

help the environment tips
As individuals there are many things we can do personally to make our own living more sustainable or environmentally friendly. Have you tried or are you doing any of these simple things? They all add up to a better planet.

Turn off the TV for a week.

Walk or cycle nstead of taking the car.

Have 3 minute showers.

Change your light bulbs to more energy efficient ones. Check if they can be disposed of environmentally.

Only wash your clothes in cold water.

Take your re usable bags to the store to bring home your groceries.

Buy local produce. If you are lucky enough to have some earth plant something edible. If you are lucky enough to have a nearby grower's market support it. 

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  1. I always was all my clothes in cold water... I have done this for 20+ years.

    I reuse my plastic bags from the store.. I personally have not watched TV for over 10 weeks :)


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