Meatless Monday: give peas a chance

 give peas a chance

I remember fondly shelling peas with my next door neighbour when I was a child. Back then everyone in our street had veggies growing in their back garden which usually meant a good supply of sweet fresh uncooked peas...Delicious!  I love peas but some may not...but I am here to ask you to give peas a chance and have included a few recipes to help you on your way to a Meatless Monday.

Meatless Monday peas recipe
Lemon Ginger Peas recipe at Meatless Monday

vegetarian pea recipes
10 Vegetarian Recipes For Delicious Spring Peas at BlissTree

Meatless Monday timeline
  • Meatless Monday began in 2003, with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
  • In 2009, cities outside of the USA started to go meatless. 
  • Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney launched the Meat Free Monday campaign in the U.K.
  • 2013 we joined in by blogging about meatless Monday
  • Meatless Monday now active in 36 countries and growing.


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    1. Thanks Sangay, good to hear from you. Have a great year 2015

  2. My Valentina loves peas, we make a few different meals out of them... especially now that Valentina is a Vegetarian xox

    1. Good to hear, does she like quinoa? It's meant to be high in protein. We have 2 vegetarians here at our house.

  3. We always had a veggie patch when I was growing up. It would be so good if everyone could grow some veggies or if we had communal gardens in every suburb.


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