eco friendly gift ideas

Frugal said... "Good News for the environment. Give gifts that use themselves up and don't clutter peoples lifes with stuff like :

  • memberships and courses,

  • lotions and soaps,

  • art materials,

  • stationary supplies

  • food, like jam or salad dressings " Frugal website.
Other suggestions are:

•support local food growers, local artists and crafts people
•give vouchers for luxury items like beauty treatments e.g. manicures and facials, or a restaurant meal voucher
•movie tickets, theatre tickets, rock concert tickets, fun park tickets
•enviro friendly wrap - wrap gifts in material e.g. tea towels for food gifts, scarves for clothing or jewellery, re use paper,
Earth Sky Sea eco friendly gift suggestions.
•Things from nature - like potted plants, flowers from your garden, mini cactus, a herb garden; pine cones and other seed pods you have collected make wonderful decorations; learn how to create with from Garden Mama
•Handmade - this idea is building momentum and has a really big following all over again. Why is handmade better for the environment? "Every item you make or purchase from a small-scale independent artist or crafter strikes a small blow to the forces of mass production." buy Check out craft tutorials with Shannon at Rhythm and Rhyme; Handmade Items on Etsy or Made it
•support others who need help at The Green Gift collection were your money helps protect the environment and your gift is tax deductible or The Oxfam Collection where you can browse for charitable gifts


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  2. Thank you, we did not know what to give for a 3o year old and he and his partner really loved the restaurant voucher. They have so much stuff they don't need things.


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