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Ian Kiernan of Clean Up Australia is urging the Australian government to commit to a timetable to make the container deposit scheme - cash for cans and bottles - become a reality. In South Australia they already have this program and therefore a huge recycling rate of about 88%. In all other states and the Northern Territory the average recycling rate on cans and bottles is only around 35%.
Kiernan, said there was overwhelming public support for a national scheme giving people a financial incentive to recycle.“A national poll commissioned by Clean Up Australia last year found that 87% of Australians want to see a national container refund scheme introduced, and yet the voice of the community is being ignored. Why are our political leaders so reluctant to listen to their constituents? They seem to forget we live in a democracy under which they have been elected to represent the interests of communities.”

''In terms of container deposits, this is the most important decision in decades,'' the director of the Total Environment Centre, Jeff Angel, said. Ben Cubby ENVIRONMENT EDITOR SMH

Our resources are finite. Plastic is made from oil and we are sending unrecycled plastic bottles to landfill and using up the earth's oil reserves.
The Environment Protection and Heritage Council has been considering this issue since 2008.
You can support this campaign at Boomerang Alliance by submitting the online letter to the Environment Minister or you can order 20 or more postcards to mail to the Environment Minister.

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