Art prize of $35,000.00 in Australia

   Emerging artists around Australia are being offered an amazing art prize this year. 
36 artists chosen from art schools around Australia are currently being exhibited in Hatched - the National Graduate Show in Perth and the generous Dr. Harold Schenberg Art Prize will be awarded to 1 of these artists. 
Dr. Harold Schenberg was "a distinguished dermatologist, an enthusiastic musician and a renowned collector of works of art.  However, he was most noted in recent years for the fact that he gave donations of both art works and money to the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the University of Western Australia.  He gave away millions of dollars, especially during his final illness, and took great pleasure in doing it." Diana Warnock,  Statement by Member for Perthin 2000.
The exhibition is at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts  until the10th of June. There is a wide cross section of mediums on show including animation, video and glass sculpture. Good luck to all the artists.

Interview with 2011 winner of Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize Chloe Hughes from College of Fine Arts (CoFA), University of New South Wales.


  1. I say Good Luck to all the artists too:)

  2. This is amazing. Art students find it so hard to break into the world of art and make a living and this is a great opportunity for the lucky winner. Best of luck to everyone involved :)

  3. Yes i was impressed especially as so many artists struggle


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