National Year of Reading

Did you know that this was Australia's National Year of Reading? Discover and rediscover the joy of reading is what it is all about.
A highlight of the campaign will be the launch of The Reading Hour, like Earth Hour, encouraging families not only to join together for a simultaneous reading session around Australia, but also to continue the idea of reading together for an hour or so a week – whether that’s 20 minutes three times a week or 10 minutes nearly every day.

Another major national initiative will be a One Country Reading program, based on Alison Lester’s much-loved book Are We There Yet? Alison has said, “I am absolutely stoked that Are We There Yet? has been chosen. It is a book that celebrates Australia and hopefully it will help get the country reading.”

The theme of travel, exploring the Australian landscape and making connections with people from diverse backgrounds, will be extended through competitions for children, teenagers and young adults.
There’s more information on the love 2 read 2012 website.

Here are just a few thoughts about what you could do over the year:


  1. Alison Lesters's book is a great Aussie read and perfect for National Year of Reading.
    Thank you so much for linking to my blog. Much appreciated.

  2. I love reading, I am always looking for new books:)

  3. Thank you All Things Good, I am on a 30 day cleanse of no wheat, no refined sugar, no dairy, no Facebook, Twitter, texting. No alcohol, caffeine, smoking (I don't have issues with the latter 3). No dating and no talking to any of my ex's. The last one is the most difficult for me, my David is technically an ex, even though he is my best and closest friend, just 10 more days left... unfortunately he won't be available until May 10 because of his job but we will have a really good long talk when he is back. Thank you for dropping by on my blog.. I will be by to visit yours too:)

  4. I love to read. But I really hate that I don't have enough time to do it as much as I would like to. So much to do :( Glad that reading is still important to so many people. I never want to see it become a dying art.


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