An Apple a Day really may keep the doctor away.

Apples a superfood
If you read all the information about apples - you make think that this old adage is true.
Apples are being billed as the new superfood!
Apples an Antioxidant Powerhouse, Apples a low GI fruit, Apples full of antioxidants, Apples a weight loss success food. (Good marketing)
They even have their own website now one a day superfood
I don't know if all the claims are true but I can't see any harm in munching on a juicy apple. What do you think? Of course fresh is best and definitely eaten with the skin on but they are also scrumptious in low fat apple crumble and the classic homemade apple pie.

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  1. Mice fed apple peel had muscles that did not atrophy!


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