Sumatran tigers and orangutans and Asian elephant: You can have a direct impact on the habitat of these endangered species.
WWF have brought out a score card so we can see which companies are using a sustainable source of palm oil in their bread, biscuits, chocolate, chips, sandwich spreads, instant noodles, shower cream and shampoo.
Palm oil itself is not the issue.  It is the clearing of the primary forest in the process of getting the palm oil, that is important for the wildlife and communities.
Consumers will soon be able to make informed choices as companies who use a sustainable source of palm oil will soon be labelling their products with a trademark.

Do you know which of the foods you eat contains palm oil?


  1. I don't know what I am eating that has palm oil, I am going to look at things more clearly... lately I have been eating all natural food and I am going to keep up with it:) Always informative posts :)

    1. Glad you are inspiring us all to eat better, limit time on social media and be positive. I enjoy your posts too. From what I understand it is not that palm oil is bad but where it comes from and what is done in it's production so some sources are good as far as not harming the environment.


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