Frugal Friday: A question of energy

1902 advertisement for solar heating!

Energy is a bit of an enigma, I think because we cannot see it, it's worth and value and use sometimes escape us. I notice this when people come to our place and it has been cloudy and raining for a while and suddenly there is no power - no lights, no fridge, no TV, no electronic games - the solar panels are not sucking up enough sun and the things people usually take for granted by flicking a switch no longer work. It gives me a greater understanding of energy - it is a usable resource just like food or money it can run out. I believe doing what we can, even on a small scale, helps.. Do you?
Here are some useful resources about how we can all, in some way, save energy:

Living Thing - ideas for home, work and play - an initiative of the NSW Government - has tip sheets, carbon emissions calculator and fun, interactive directory of recycling.

WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THE ENVIRONMENT At Home and at Work including positive things being done by many.   

The Energy Saving Trust provides information and free advice on improving energy efficiency in the home:

  • The Energy Saving House
  • Compare and buy products
  • Phasing out inefficient bulbs
  • Reducing your waste

    1. These are great tips, we had a couple of times where we have been without power for an extended period of time.

      We had one when hurricane Juan hit when Valentina was a baby 8 years ago. No power for 4 days... we spent a lot of time together talking and we went to bed early... we all need to take a little power break once and a while :)

    2. Yes, I do believe everyone should do their part.But people just realize how energy is important when they don't have it.I wrote a similar post with tips some time ago.
      Thanks for leaving me a comment!

    3. My husband and I just bought a Santa Fe style home in Arizona. This home has a natural landscape, 12 inch walls and solar panels on the roof, which heat the home with radiant heat, provide hot water, and all the electricity we could possibly use. That's a wonderful thing! People also understand the value of energy when they get their energy bill every month. My husband and I monitor our energy and water use every day and check our monthly billing statements for information on amount used. It's everyone's responsibility to conserve resources.

    4. Is that real? Did a company exist in 1902 that heated water with solar energy? Makes me wonder why more people don't have it. I wish we could, but we rent.


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