(This may be a radical idea but please listen to my husband's rant.
He wrote this in 2009 and is still ranting today about this and other things!)
"People will have to re aquaint themselves with the moral sensibilities of past ages. That is stop consuming and repair things and re use things and respect things. The global recession may stop the "consumptionist" attitude that this world has - that things can just be consumed and that there are no consequences. There are consequences - there is less of everything.
Surprise, surprise! Do you think the natural world is endless? Do we just forget the future generations? What happened to caring about things? What happened to responsibilty? We only have one world.
So what is important? It isn't getting yourself on you tube or having the largest plasma T.V.or having the most money. It is personal relationships and your family. Your life means nothing unless you have someone to share it with. Thank you for listening. "
Family and friends enjoy nature up close
as they leisurely bike the paved Heartland and Paul Bunyan State Trails
along the Lake Country Scenic Byway.


  1. I couldn't have said this better myself... relationships are what is important... things will never bring joy, we could all stand to live with a little less;)

  2. Hi! This is such a complex subject, because every choice we make has consequences. I am so glad that my solar panels heat my home, provide me with electricity and hot water, which reduces my propane use. But I learned that the production of solar panels is very polluting. So in my effort to reduce my consumption of propane, I have contributed to earth's pollution. By the way, great rant! Warmly, Valda

  3. "stop consuming and repair things and re use things and respect things" this could have been said by me. So agree with this rant


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