Frugal Friday: How to get discount magazines

I know it would be more frugal to not buy magazines at all but sometimes I am struggling for gift ideas, especially for the men in my life and I think magazine subscriptions do make great gifts. There are so many magazines for all ages and if you are struggling for ideas, there are so many topics that might appeal.

Eating well is an award winning health magazine that is now only $5.00 for a whole year's subscription.


Amazon Magazines offers thousands of discount magazine subscriptions, spanning many topics. They include bestselling magazines like:

Or you can shop by favourite topics like:

Check out the magazine gift ideas for mothers, dads, kidsfamily, and friends. Don't forget to tell everyone to pass their magazines around after they have read them so they have a longer life.


  1. You are so good and finding the deals... I need to take a little more time and look for those kinds of deals too...:)

  2. Thanks Launna, time is a difficult commodity. Some people have too much and some people too little. As long as we have time for what is important amongst it all I guess... I thought some people might enjoy this list of cheap magazine subscriptions to give as gifts, especially if they were looking for Father's day gifts. When is Father's Day in Canada?

  3. Frugal is my middle site for cheap magazines...


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