Frugal Friday: Live More With Less

Live More With Less that is basically what my idea of frugal is all about. But how do I do this?
More: celebrate a simple life, focus on what really matters to me, enjoy time with family and friends, live within my means, care about the earth's resources,  work towards self sufficiency, gain appreciation for the things I already have in my life.
Less: less spending, less unconscious spending, less waste, less stuff cluttering up my life. Of course these are all just ideals or statements of intent that I am working towards. When I look at the large amount of stationary items I have accumulated in the past, now sitting in a drawer, I know I have a long way to go. But I am on the path: I no longer go to the office supplies or stationary shop but instead try and use what I have in this drawer.
Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." is how L. Reid expressed it.

I know frugal can mean so many things to different people and I would love to know what frugal means to you?


  1. Frugal means not wasting... the biggest issue I see with us today is that we have too much and we still want more... I have been reigning myself in and being much more careful... it takes time:)

  2. I so agree with Launna, western civilisation needs a big dose of simle living and enjoying what we have and being happy with what we have.


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