FRUGAL FRIDAY: Walk to School

Oh for the good old days when I use to walk about 2 miles to school and home every day. My mother did not work but she never drove me and my sister to school, it was not even thought of.  We walked to a neighbour's house and a couple of kids joined us and then to another house a few doors along and got another girl and we all walked along together. It was fun and it was what was done back then. Now we have to convince people that walking :

  • is good exercise
  • gets our brains working
  • is fun
  • reduces stress
  • reduces TV and computer time 
  • saves petrol money 
  • is great for the environment as there are less fumes and less use of petrol

Now we have to have Walk To School Iniatives as so few children walk to school.

One of these initiatives says: Take Your Kids To School With Walking Buses, Bicycle Trains, Anything But Cars if at all possible.  WHY? More kids are killed in cars than in any other mode of transportation, yet that is how most of them get to school.

So it is safer to walk to school than go in a car! There is also a website that can help you learn how to start a walking bus like me and my sister did every day. I personally also think the exercise and frugal angles are a big plus in walking to school.


  1. I agree we need to start walking more... We are getting a new sitter... she walks everywhere...this will be very good for my Valentina... I'm hoping it will inspire me to walk more too... ;-)

    1. You wrote this in june and look at you now - walking everywhere, getting fitter and loving it!


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