Frugal Friday: 17 or more things to do with oranges

At the moment here in Australia, at our farm, we have a glut of oranges. This is a good thing but you can only squeeze so many oranges by hand! We have been giving gift bags to any visitors too but we are a bit remote and don't get many visitors.

I was so pleased to find Orange Crush at Kirsty's Bowerbird Blue where she lists 17 orange related things.

Love her visual lists too.     

This got me thinking of what else we should, could, would try with all these oranges.
So continuing on from Kirsty's list:
18. Make orange marmalade
19. Make clove pomanders to fragrance the house
20. Paint oranges in a still life - this one is by

21. Relieve stress with orange peel tea
22. Serve fresh oranges with any chocolate desert
22. Learn how to make candied peel
23. Drink tea with a squeeze of orange juice instead of lemon and forget the sugar
24. Make caramelised oranges
25. Make a natural air freshener with orange peels (video)

26.  Serve fresh oranges with chocolate ganache
27. When baking chicken stuff it with a whole orange to make moist meat.
28. Serve champagne with orange juice.

Do you know anything else I can do with all these beautiful oranges?


  1. I wish I lived close by, my daughter and I love oranges... :)

    I am not too creative but the ideas you have written down sound awesome :)

  2. I love oranges too! The forest citrus is so delicious. I could take some off your hands if I lived closeby.

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