Simple Life: simple letter of thanks

Are you fascinated by the enigmatic Marilyn Monroe?
Here is a letter she wrote - a charming, short and simple letter that gets straight to the point but shows some of the writer's personality:

Marilyn Monroe letter
Transcript of the letter
Mr. Volkmar von Fuehlsdorff
German Consulate General
3450 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles 5, California

Dear Mr. von Fuehlsdorff:

Thank you for your champagne.

It arrived, I drank it and I was gayer.

Thanks again.

My best,

Marilyn Monroe


  1. Hi, thank you so much for your comment on my blog... I was wondering how you were? Here's the funny thing, I am following you on Bloglovin and I have not got a notification that you had written anything. You know I would have jumped right over to read it and comment.

    I am glad I could inspire you... I need to inspire myself a lot more... I am sorry to hear you were having such a hard time, I wish I had known.. I could have sent out some prayers and good thoughts for you :) I hope you feel better soon :)

  2. Thanks so much Launna, you are the best internet friend. Your site looks great and I like what you said about friendship - it is being forgiving, remembering the journey each of you have been on, understanding you better because they know you better than anyone else.. Not judging each other because we know how hard the other has had it, everyone is fighting a battle... that is something that always has to be remembered... especially in friendship

    1. Thank you so much ... I really feel that is how a very good friendship should be..

      I have had a really tough last six months myself and I am still dealing with some of those emotional issues. I can only deal with it day to day... some days better then others.

      Thank you again for the sweet words you just wrote about me, have a wonderful weekend :)


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