Inspirational health story of someone with MS

 Janet Golownia is passionate about unlocking the body’s ability to heal itself through a variety of yoga tools and nutrition.  She has learned from healing her own health issues of hypothyroidism, depression and multiple sclerosis that healing takes place not only on the physical level but also the energetic and emotional levels.  

Due to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis very early in life Janet became a life-long seeker and student of health and wellness. 
She has spent the last 30 years in study and experiential learning about the body to heal herself and many other friends and family members.  During much of this time she was also working very successfully in the corporate IT business world, never dreaming that all her years of study would lead her to becoming a yoga therapist, teacher and health coach.  A sudden life circumstance caused her to re-evaluate her life and she set out to pursue her passion of helping others to heal their bodies through yoga and nutrition.  After practicing yoga for 10 years she opened PurBalance Yoga Therapy LLC in June of 2013.  Since that time she has been seeing clients in her home studio, teaching yoga classes at area studios and, also doing various workshops on Corrective Yoga for Healthy Joints, as well as, Yoga Nidra and Marma Point Massage to help people achieve deep relaxation.  

Her goal is to educate health care providers on what yoga therapy is and also on how it can complement conventional treatments.  

She enjoys helping people identify habitual unconscious ways of sitting, standing, etc. that may be causing them chronic shoulder, neck and low back pain.  She states, “Awareness is the first step.    I do an initial assessment of their standing and moving posture.  From there I can create a customized yoga routine that will address alignment issues, tight muscles and weak muscles.  People are amazed at the difference small subtle conscious changes can make.  I want people to move through life enjoying their bodies and moving without pain well into their 80’s and 90’s.”  

Janet is a certified yoga therapist and teacher with more than 500 hours of training, as well as, a certified health coach. As a Yoga Therapist and Certified Health coach she will develop a personalized plan of healing for each client based upon their goals. Some of the many benefits experienced by her clients are relief of chronic pain, greater core strength, increased flexibility and range of motion, greater body awareness and mental clarity.
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Janet Golownia RYT, PYT, Certified Health Coach   414.254.7889


  1. I keep talking about taking yoga... I should just get a DVD and learn a little before I go. I have heard how beneficial it is for your body... it's wonderful to hear that it may help people with MS. This is a great article :-)

    1. This is a great and inspiring article. Don't worry about the DVD cause if you are like me it's just one more thing in a long list of things to do. I would just find a beginner's class and do a trial lesson. I find it wonderful and centering


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