You can make a safer world for kids

Every parent, grandparent and carer wants to keep their child healthy and safe...right? Well here is a wonderful resource that can help you make a safer world for children - 

A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Your Kids Alive and Safe

resource that helps parents Keep Kids Safe
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This informative page has been created by physicians at ACLS Medical Training. It describes some simple steps parents can take to help make children safer including helmet safety, kitchen safety, seat belt and child passenger safety. 

The fun thing is that it is all done through an interactive page that outlines 14 tips you can use to make your world a safer place for children. How to approach a strange dog, how to keep your internet safe, the best placement for smoke detectors in the home are all explained.

This factual addition to your safety knowledge provides useful reminders with links to expert, up to date and more detailed information on each of the topics seen in the image. A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Your Kids Alive and Safe helps make a safer world for kids. 

The good news is that you can help protect children from injury by being informed.  

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