Do you too love owls?

Owls are a perennial symbol for wisdom and seem to be very popular over the last few years as a design theme for all manner of goods. Did you know that owls were the guardians of the underworlds in Celtic, Egyptian, Hopi Indian and Hindu cultures?  The owl was ruler of the night and the mystical and intelligient see-er of souls, the watcher of the dark and the guardian of all underground things. The Ainu people of Japan  revered the Eagle Owl as a messenger of the gods.

good gift for 2012/2013

If you love owls then you must down load your own free 2013 calendar. Try and down load it onto quality cardstock to do the lovely images justice.
40 artists from around the world have created artworks about owls to create this perfect gift. Many thanks to Shivani from My Owl Barn who has co-ordinated this wonderful project for three years now.

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  1. Hi! I got up very early this morning so it was still dark outside. I looked outside to see if anything was stirring and there was a barn owl sitting on the structure covering the side patio right outside the window. It's always a treat to see an owl! The calendars with owls on them are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with me! Warmly, Valda


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