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Any good news you have, please post here in "COMMENTS".

We are trying to counter the bad news that is pervading the newspapers and television. Your good news may not be earth shattering but we are interested.
If you have a link or a photo link also please post this information in comments.

Good News Network is a positive news site. It is free, independent and not affiliated with any religion or political party. Our aim is to seek out and publish good news.
Our wish is to showcase people doing good so we see that we can all make a difference.
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  1. Hello .. I have never seen a smart articles that you created. It really helped me to get back my ideas for writing. I will save this post, for I learn more hgh

    1. Hi hgh, positive news is an inspiring thing to do. Hope you will let us know what you write... maybe we can can post some at GNN Good News Network or here.

  2. Hi! My personal good news is that I'm moving to Arizona in the near future. Sid and I want another dog and we plan to adopt a dog from a local animal shelter. There are so many pets that don't have a good home because of the economic hardships that people face today. So another vulnerable animal will be saved and that's really good news! Warmly, Valda

  3. So good you are helping animals. Do you know about Greater Good Network - Help Animals? You can click once a day to help animals in shelters. It does not cost anything and all money goes to charity. I hope you enjoy Arizona - it will be a big change from Cailifornia. So good to hear your good news. Let us know how you go when you move.

  4. I am getting better by doing gentle walking exercises everday for my arthritis and other ails


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