Where is Cradle Mountain?

The Stunning Cradle Mountain, Australia by TahaElraaid


Cradle Mountain is a mountain in Tasmania, Australia. It is one of the main attractions in Tasmania because of its unspoilt natural and wild beauty. 

It is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Jagged mountains, an ancient rainforest, alpine heath lands, colourful deciduous beech provide a range of environments to explore. Icy streams cascading out of rugged mountains, stands of ancient pines mirrored in the still waters of glacial lakes and a wealth of wildlife ensure there is always something to captivate you. Read more at Tasmania's Parks & Wildlife Service


  1. It looks beautiful!
    I'll go there someday!

    1. I will too artista, I live in Australia but sad to say I have never been to this beautiful place which is a different island but still Australia

  2. What beautiful photography as usual, such inspiring shots. Thank you for sharing:)


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