Amazing Australian Animals

Australian Animal pictures

Australia is home to many unique species of fauna the best known being the kangaroo and the koala. A total of 379 species of mammals have been recorded in Australia and marsupials are a special type of mammal that carry their young in a pouch.  Besides well-known marsupials like the kangaroos, wallabies and the koala and possum, other marsupials include wombats, the Tasmanian devil, numbat, bandicoots, bettongs, the bilby, quolls, and the quokka. Have you heard of all or any of these amazing and distinctive animals? Do you have a favourite?

Amazing Australian animals
or walpurti, found in Western Australia, exclusively eats termites

Sugar Glider
Sugar Glider:
it's name refers to its preference for sugary foods
and ability to glide through the air
Amazing Australian animals
smaller than kangaroos,
herbivores eating grasses, vegetables, leaves
Amazing Australian animals
Eastern Barred Bandicoot:
weighs less than 2 kg and has a short tail
Australian marsupial
is herbivorous and mainly nocturnal
Spotted-tail quoll sleeping at Sydney Wildlife World:
a carnivorous nocturnal, native to mainland Australia
the bettong is a nocturnal australian animal
Bettong: A nocturnal animal
that sleeps during the day in a domed nest. 
Mother koala with baby joey on it's back
The Tasmanian devil is a carnivorous marsupial
found only in Tasmania.
The common wombat is a marsupial that lives in a burrow
and eats mainly native grasses.


  1. Australia has so many amazing and different animals. I'm a lover of kangaroos... the wallabys are cute too... I always like koala bears but I heard they were pretty mean... xox ♡

  2. Nature is really special in Australia!
    The numbat is like an armadillo without the shell!


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