How I changed my life

In the past I have made resolutions and never kept them. I have started diets and never maintained them. I have tried to get organized and de clutter my house and wardrobe but it all just seemed too hard.

Changing my life seemed complicated and my whole life seemed a complicated mess but without knowing I found a secret that changed my life.

You can read my full article about How I Changed My Life for Good by clicking here.

You know I chose this photo, the butterfly, because I do feel the freedom of a butterfly coming out of a chrysalis.


  1. This is a good article, I too have come to that place where I make decisions and now follow through... is it easy.... I would be lying if I said it was... it isn't but the results are great :)

  2. Hi! I used to run when I was in my 20's, but I developed generalized joint pain and was unable to continue high impact sports such as running. So I did low impact sports and then I got fibromyalgia, which I fought fiercely for 15 years. But now I'm older and more tired and am happy just to make it from the bed to the kitchen for my morning decaf coffee and then to feed the birds. Funny how things change over time. Now I have been sick for 20 years and it's just time to be gentler and kinder to myself. Thanks for an interesting post. Warmly, Valda


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