Have you heard of Zinio?

Zinio review
"To see magazines done correctly, look at Zinio" ~ Huffington Post
Zinio is all about digital magazines - thousands of them. There are magazines on news, politics, sport, technology, art, style, travel, history and so much more.
They are publishing magazines in the digital domain that you can download to mobile devices, tablets and desktops.
So besides being environmentally friendly they are definitely convenient and have some really cool features too like the Bookmark where you easily save your spot in the magazine you are reading at any time. There are over 5000 publications available in 33 languages and also some magazine articles are available free through the website or smartphone or tablet apps.

Try Zinio Now! Experience digital with a free magazine. Choose from BusinessWeek, Men's Health and more.

More than 3,000 articles are available free at any given time which is wonderful for reading when travelling or anytime. Go to Zinio website to have a look for yourself.
Zinio - Be Well Read

Oh by the way... I am an affiliate for Zinio


  1. I'll have check this sight out this weekend ;-)

    So nice to see you posting again; I hope you are feeling a bit better ♡

    1. Thanks for your continued kindness. Zinio is worth checking out and have a great weekend. Here it is ANZAC day which commemorates soldiers who have fought in the wars so we get a long weekend.

    2. I wanted to thank you for your comment... Tumblr is not something I have an account with yet... I hear it is a really great social media place but I already do so many...

      Thank you so much for linking back to me... I heard it on TV and then looked it up... the quote resonated with me...

      I have been waiting for him to apologize for some things he said to me ... and I had to come to the realization that he may never say he is sorry... I have to move on...

      It isn't easy when I was as close to him as I was to anyone in my whole life... everything changed in a flash of time, everything was different and then I couldn't sleep... I still can't...


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