Vitamin D: The good news is it is free

The good news is that Vitamin D is free!
It is free as we get vitamin D from sunshine.

Vitamin D

Recently I had a blood test and discovered I was deficient in this important vitamin. How can this be when I live in Australia one of the sunniest places on the planet? Well, I was wearing a hat and sunscreen! 
So now it is official - stop wearing your hat because we need to get our daily dose (if possible) of vitamin D.
In the summer we need 15 minutes of sun every day.  
In winter we need about 1 hour of sun every day.  

Vitamin D - what is it? 
 It is necessary for the normal growth of bones and teeth. A deficiency can lead to a softening of the bones called rickets. It helps maintain good levels of calcium and phosphorus in our bloodstreams. Medical studies have associated vitamin D deficiency with many things including autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, also cancer, heart disease, depression, diabetes and hypertension.

You can find more good news health stories at GNN Health.

I hope it is sunny where you are today. 


  1. I am taking a break from blogging and commenting but I saw you had posted and I didn't want to miss your post.

    I totally believe we need to have some sun, last year when I was out in it, I was feeling great... then along came the long, bitter, cold winter. I took a vitamin D pill through the winter because I rarely stayed outside for any time.

    On a side note, spring looks like it is here, other than the seasonable lows... I am sure it will be soon. Thank you so much for the many kind comments on my blog, I really appreciate them.

    I will be back to blogging soon, have a great day ;)

    1. Apparently the sun is slowly, oh so slowly, getting weaker. Thanks for commenting and hope you enjoy your well deserved break.

  2. Hi! Great post about an important subject. Did you know that cholesterol in our skin is the precursor to uptake Vitamin D? And people need to have quite a bit of skin exposure to gain Vitamin D from the sun. No wonder people are low on Vitamin D in the winter. The low Vitamin D epidemic is due to sunscreen and wearing protective clothing, as you pointed out. I guess all those skin cancer ads worked! Ha! Take good care.

    1. Hi Valda, thanks for this great info on cholesterol. Yes we need a campaign on sun exposure now!

  3. Great infos, thanks for sharing.


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