Young people are carers of our land

Landcare in Australian schools new program
Students from Cannon Hill State School in their school garden
PHOTO: Slow Food Brisbane
Australian children will be given extra support as carers of our land.

Landcare activities will be included in the school curriculum under a new program, by Landcare Australia and the Primary Industries Education Foundation.
The program, launched in September 2014, will initially be aimed at primary school students in rural and metropolitan areas.
This is good news for Australia's students and teachers and their knowledge of the environment. This is good news for the future of the environment.
Good Fact: 76% of primary schools already have some kind of growing program in their schools and Landcare will be supporting these.

"Research shows that I think it's close to 70 per cent of adults in the Sydney Basin, for example, have never seen a working farm, so their actual appreciation of how food grows is very limited." Ben Stockwin of Primary Industries Education Foundation.

The program will provide knowledge and a hands on approach about:
  • Caring for the environment
  • How food is produced
  • Sustainable practices
There are Fact Sheets and learning sequences to help teachers and students.

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  1. I wish more schools did this, my daughters school does this, they have a garden and the children have helped plant shrubs, which they all seemed to enjoy. The remember which ones the helped with too... it's a really great idea :)

    1. This is great Launna. I was amazed with the stats that 76% of primary schools in Australia already have some kind of growing program in their schools. Wonder what it is for where you live?

    2. I don't know the percentage but I do hope more and more schools incorporate the idea :-)

  2. What a wonderful initiative, really like when schools incorporate things like this.
    Have a great day!

    1. Me too! I think it is an important life skill and that you learn a lot from not being inside a classroom all the time.


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