Art Express

Photographic Artwork titled Casa obscura Andrew Deegan


is an annual exhibition displaying a selection of outstanding student artworks created for the HSC examination in Visual Arts in NSW, Australia. It includes many expressive forms, including ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photo media, printmaking, sculpture, and textiles and fibre.
Art Express is not only showcasing young artists it gives students, who will soon be doing their own HSC examination, insights into what is being created and currently accepted by the  Board of Studies NSW and so informs the work they are in the process of designing.
ARTEXPRESS works are displayed at over 20 regional galleries around Australia and at the NSW Art Gallery from 12 February – 19 April 2015.


  1. I hope one day I can visit and see the good in those works~

  2. Sangay, wouldn't it be amazing if you could visit Australia! I would also love to visit your beautiful country Bhutan, but it seems like a distant dream. Maybe I will have to be happy to visit your web page and see the beautiful photos you post. More please?


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