Sunday Somewhere: Russian Altai Mountains

The Altai Mountains in Western Siberia have captured my imagination lately because of the stunningly beautiful images of mountains, rivers and lakes and the vivid colours. Also because I had never heard of them until recently. The name "Altai" means "Golden Mountain" in Mongolian.

The region is home to the Altai people, an ethnic group living in the region for over 10,000 years.  It is a destinations for adventure tourists interested in nature and particularly fishing, hunting, rafting, mountaineering and related mountain sports.

There are rest bases with inexpensive campsites and information about mountain locations and equipment hire which are welcoming to backpackers.
IMAGE from The world of art, creativity and beauty

The large area of 16,178 km², Altai and Katun Natural Reserves, Lake Teletskoye, Mount Belukha and the Ukok Plateau, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site entitled Golden Mountains of Altai.

The mountains are home to many different animals due to the diverse habitat: Siberian ibex, snow leopards, rare argali or mountain sheep, deer, moose and reindeer, wild boar, gazelle, wolves, wolverine, lynx and brown bears.


  1. Wow, these scenes are amazing... there is beauty is so many places if we just want to take the time to look... Have a fabulous day xox

  2. Thanks Launna, I agree there is so much beauty and I am enjoying discovering amazing places through documentaries and on the net. Hope you too have a fabjoyous day.


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