Beautiful bicarb

bicarb soda uses
Beautiful bicarb - Otherwise known as Bi-carb Soda or Baking Soda is cheap, easy to use and enviro friendly.  It has a myriad of uses.

Bicarb can:
  • Deodorise your carpet - sprinkle on and leave 10 minutes, then vacuum .
  • Absorb food odours - put a small container full in the fridge.
  • Remove insecticides and pesticides from fruit and veg - wash produce in warm water which has bicarb in it.
  • Restore stained tea cups - apply with a damp cloth and rub and rinse
  • Clean juice, wine, and coffee stains from material - rub the spot with bicarb made to a paste with water before washing.
  • Kills fleas - apply to pet's fur, wash off to prevent skin irritation.
  • Clean iron plate - Mix to paste, rub on surface of iron, wipe off.
  • Unclog and freshen drain - 1 cup baking soda and boiling water. 
  • Mildly exfoliate your face - add  a few drops of water to bicarb to make a paste - rub on and rinse off.
  • Prolong the life of cut flowers - Add a teaspoon of baking soda to a vase of freshly cut flowers.
  • Whiten teeth - put bicarb and a drop of water on your toothbrush and scrub teeth about once a week.
  • Clean kitchen benchtops - sprinkle with bicarb and add white vinegar - scrub and wipe off.
  • Clean and shine Chrome - with Bicarb applied on a damp cloth.
  • Remove sweat odours from fabrics - add bicarb to your laundry dispenser.
Do you have a use of beautiful bicarb that you can add?


  1. Hey, it is so nice to see you posting again.. I do hope you are feeling well xox

    I used baking soda on our beds because we had fleas and I have a cat and didn't want her to get ill from some chemical and it seems to have worked... apparently the salt in it dries the fleas up. So far so good, no new flea bites for my little one. (I read this on the internet when researching)

    Have a great weekend and I hope you are doing well with your health <3

  2. Thanks so much Launna for stopping by and all your kind wishes and so pleased you tried bicarb for your kitty cat to keep her chemical free. I am well.


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