Drink coffee and live longer

Dr. Adela Navarro, a cardiologist at Hospital de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain has conducted a study of 20,000 people which found that drinking coffee lowered your risk of death.  I think you would agree this is a good thing!

Study Drink coffee good for your heart

Those who drank 4 cups of coffee a day had a 64% lower risk of death than those who drank none.

"We found an inverse association between drinking coffee and the risk of all-cause mortality, particularly in people aged 45 years and above. This may be due to a stronger protective association among older participants," Navarro said.
The study was done on healthy people, who were mainly eating the Mediterranean diet, and their average age at the start of the study was 37 years of age. Factors that were considered were sex, age and whether participants stuck to the Mediterranean diet and discovered that age was a factor: coffee seemed to provide strong protection for people over 45 years of age.

 "Our findings suggest that drinking four cups of coffee each day can be part of a healthy diet in healthy people." Dr Adela Navarro concluded.

These findings were presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress (ESC) in Barcelona in 2017.

So if you are a coffee drinker and over the age of 40, it would make sense to increase your coffee intake to four cups a day. For the rest of us this research should make us consider trying coffee don't you think?

New coffee study

MORE COFFEE RESEARCH. There has been so much research into coffee over the years so I thought it would be great to share some of it here.

Coffee and Parkinson's Diseasedrinking coffee reduces the risk of developing Parkinson's disease by up to 30%. Most studies recommend three cups of coffee as beneficial. - Parkinson's News Today

Coffee and heart disease: according to 3 studies people who drank more coffee had a lower long-term risk of heart failure. - American Heart Association

Coffee and liver cancer: Nine studies showed that consumption of 2 cups of coffee per day was associated with a 43% reduced risk of liver cancer. - PubMed Report

Coffee and type 2 diabetesA 2009 study of 40,000 participants noted that consumption of 3 cups of tea or coffee a day lead to a 40% lower risk of type 2 diabetes developing.

Coffee and kidney disease: In one study 4,863 U.S. chronic kidney disease patients were monitored for 11 years. Researchers found that greater caffeine intake was tied to greater life expectancy for people with chronic kidney disease. - WebMD

Coffee and multiple sclerosis (MS)The risk of MS is substantially reduced among those who reported a high consumption of coffee. - NCBI

Coffee and colorectal cancer: In a large group of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer, consumption of a few cups of coffee a day was associated with longer survival and a lower risk of the cancer worsening. - Harvard Health

Coffee and Alzheimer's disease (AD): A 21-year follow-up study found consumption of  3 to 5 cups of coffee daily, significantly reduces the risk of AD (62–64%) and dementia (65–70%) in the later lifetime. NCBI

THE GOOD NEWS is that more and more research is showing us that coffee is not only not bad for us it is actually Good For Us.  A large body of evidence suggests that consumption of caffeinated coffee does not increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancers. In fact, consumption of 3 to 5 standard cups of coffee daily has been consistently associated with a reduced risk of several chronic diseases. - Harvard Health

Of course talk to your medical professionals before about your specific situation before increasing your consumption of coffee. 

THE BAD NEWS - while this is a good news site I would be remiss to not mention some reports I have found while researching this article and especially as I have autoimmune diseases myself. You should avoid coffee, or more than one cup per day, if you have a diagnosis of autoimmune thyroid disease, celiac, rheumatoid arthritis, type I diabetes, GERD, peptic ulcer disease, gallbladder issues or Barrett’s Esophagitis. 

Brands of coffee that I recommend: there are 2 brands that I have come across that I can recommend because of  what they don't put in their products and how they are sourced and made: Purity Coffee which is made from the highest-grade organic green arabica coffee beans and Organo King Coffee which is an instant organic arabica coffee.

Drink coffee and live longer - research into coffee and life expectancy


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