National Parks

Cape Le Grande National Park, Western Australia
National parks are amazing places where you can relax and enjoy nature or be more active with walks, talks, tours, camping, hiking, riding, canoeing and swimming. They have a variety of natural resources to explore over large areas. Do you make the most of your National Parks?National Parks around Australia protect many landscapes - rainforests, bushland, marine wonderlands and deserts. Parks protect our unique biodiversity including flora such as lichen and mosses and trees and animals including frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals.
"Australia is home to more than one million species of plants and animals, many of which are unique. About 82 per cent of our mammals and 93 per cent of our frogs are found nowhere else in the world." NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service


  1. We are so lucky in Australia to have so many beautiful parks. My family have always enjoyed visiting many of them. My daughter was recently married in one that she spent much time in growing up.

  2. Love Centennial Park near me and all the history in our parks. Centennial Park has horseriding which is a bonus.

  3. Beautiful! My list of things to see when I finally get to Australia keeps growing. My good friend Red from Amazing Australian Adventures keeps posting new and wonderful things. At this rate, we'll have to holiday there for a year! Thank you for sharing on NOBH!


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