Frugal Friday: Challenge

Albert Einstein the environmentalist

Turn off the TV for a week
Catch the bus to work or the shops
Take your lunch from home, to work, everyday for 1 week and save @ $25.00
Walk to the shops
Make a budget for yourself or your family
Make a weekly menu for dinner
Write down 6 things that make you happy that don't cost money
Give up smoking
Drink tap water instead of soda, juice or soft drinks for a week
Do not purchase anything for a week: make do with what you have

Are you game? Which one will you choose?


  1. I either catch the bus or walk
    I always take my lunch... I only buy it about 3-4 times a month.
    I drink water, I never drink pop or juice anymore.

    I want to make a weekly menu for all my meals and then stick to it.

    Fantastic ideas... I am going to use this in my blog.. of course I will link it back to yours, thanks for posting

    1. Fantastico Launna. You must be getting very healthy from your detox etc. Please feel free to use my stuff.

  2. I do most of those things already, so I'll just keep going!!! I love the photo of Einstein!!! :)

  3. Great life you lead. I just love this Einstein photo too and never see it much at all.

  4. "Write down 6 things that make you happy that don't cost money" is the easiest but also will hopefully make me understand all the good things in my life. THX


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