Frugal Friday: Money Challenge

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Confucius 

How do you simplify your spending? For me it happened when I simplified my life. I scaled back and worked out what I really needed and what was really important to me.
Besides learning that family and friends and a peaceful existence with some connection to nature were what mattered most for me I also started to implement a few ideas to do with money.

Don't clutter your life with stuff.
Part of saving money is not spending it.
If you need something and you can't afford it do not buy it on credit - wait until you can pay for it with cash.

Let go of stuff.

Paying with cashWrap your credit cards in a slip of paper that lists your life goals that you defined at the start of the month. It shouldn’t take more than a little slip of paper. This way, every time you go to pull out your credit card, you see your goals right there – and it becomes a reminder that by using this card, you are likely pushing away those goals.

Do you really need that? Use the ten second rule. Whenever you find yourself about to buy anything, count to ten and ask yourself whether or not this purchase really meshes with your life goals. Quite often, you’ll find that it doesn’t, and this will be enough to cause you to put that item back on the shelf or to close the browser window. 

GREAT RESOURCE: 31 Days To Fix Your Finances, EXCERPTS HERE FROM Day 30: Live What You Love

Do you have any other handy hints you use to simplify your spending?


  1. Hint: I cook more often than i eat out.Eating out is way more expensive and cooking is a pleasure for me!

    1. Love a man who love to cook and yes it is definately a great way to get more for your money.

  2. I am great at buckling down when I need to but when I have money... I spend it;)

    1. I think I am a bit like you Launna. I also often give money to my kids.

  3. Your thoughts about saving money and living more simply are very good. My husband always says, "You can't have money and spend it too." Those things you may buy now have little value when you retire. One way I save money is by growing my own vegetables. I compost with worms and they nourish my garden abundantly at little to no cost. Those homegrown vegetables have more nutritional value than most of those purchased in the grocery store. Living simply is much more satisfying!

  4. I agree about the retire part. my sister in law was just saying the other day now she reached a certain age she is getting rid of all her "stuff". Home grown veges just taste so good too compared to supermarket bought ones.


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