Native Flora

I love Australian native flora. This photo is of a native plant most commonly called Burrawang which is an Australian cycad - Macrozamia communis - found in New South Wales. The Aboriginal people of the eastern coast of NSW known as the Cadigal knew of the value of this plant. Their rich diet of fruit and vegetables included the burrawang (Macrozamia), bracken fern, lilly pillies, native passionfruit, native grapes, native mulberry, figs, native yam, kangaroo apples, geebungs, bolwarra and native cherries. Many of these plant foods required extensive pulping, soaking and washing — sometimes for days — to remove toxins. These techniques made it possible to exploit a wide variety of food resources.  
This was true of the burrawang the seeds of which contain toxins which the Cadigal people knew how to render harmless.
RESOURCES: Botanic Gardens Trust

Do you have plants that grow native to your area that you love?


  1. love this plant. It looks like coloured corn and such an amazing colour. Yes I love the plants that are native to my area too,

  2. Hi! What a beautiful plant! The native people in North America also know how to use plants medicinally and for food without poisoning themselves in the process. All this without a written resource! Amazing. So many plants in Southern California are not native plants, but the live oak is one of my native favorites. I'm always partical to the trees! The giant Sequoias and Redwoods are also my favorites too. Thanks so much for sharing this. Warmly, Valda

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