Change is possible: A personal story from the lovely Launna

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A little over 12 weeks ago a good friend said something that made me want to change my life... suffice to say, I plan to thank them one day soon.
First I quit smoking immediately... cold turkey and I have not looked back. Next I knew I needed something to change my life in a big way. The answer came at work when there was a biggest loser contest offered.
I am highly competitive... I started walking... 20 minutes the first day... now I can walk a 5K in a little over 47 minutes. I am running/walking my first 5K on October 6th, 2013.

Two apps that really helped me was Map My Walk (I have walked over 230 miles in less then 12 weeks) and My Fitness Pal, which keeps track of the food I eat.
I weigh in weekly, I won the contest by the way.... 37.2 pounds in 11 weeks.

Now I started a new contest with my sister to lose 10 percent of my weight.

I am joining a gym so that I can find all kinds of fun exercises to keep me on track. I am loving my new lifestyle and it took me deciding I had to make a change one day and falling in love with the change.

I am 50, I stopped making excuses.. I started making changes. I am living proof change is possible...

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  1. Thank you for posting, this was really nice of you :)

  2. Thank you for writing and living an inspiring story


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