12 creative little libraries from around the world.

Our cities are full of large libraries that are amazing and free, but here we have chosen to share the little tiny libraries that are springing up everywhere. These libraries can be created by anyone, anywhere and each one has a story to tell about the love of books, the love of sharing and a sense of community.

Hundreds of little libraries have been created but not all of them have been photographed and shared. That’s why we set out to find as many little libraries as we could. We love how they add uniqueness to the areas of the cities and suburbs where they are found. We really enjoy the creativity that has gone into making these libraries and have included what we feel are the most creative from around the world.

We hope you enjoy this list of  the most creative little libraries from around the world.

We would love to add more. Did we miss any? Feel free to submit pictures at our facebook or twitter feeds to be added here.

Tree stump library

Robot library Monica Thompson

Tardis in Kenmore Washington, USA. Jennifer Brozek

Wizard of Oz Tornado library Pomeroy Street MASSACHUSETTS, USA

Space age library
Winchester, Texas USA. We decided to build a library that reflected our small community.
A chicken coop theme fit us perfectly! Margaret Atkins.

Created by Stereotank, a public installation project providing New Yorkers
with a spontaneous opportunity to read a book.
Tree trunk library in Jackson Street Seattle, USA
Library in a phone booth
Public Bookshelf created in bus stop in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil

Book house in Maleny, Queensland, Australia.
Houston, Texas USA. A boat shaped Library at the church for Clear Lake Community.
Diane Jones.



  1. These ideas are so creative... if the snow and ice doesn't stop here soon... I suggest we make a small igloo with books inside :) Actually all jokes aside, I think this is a really amazing idea and I hope it takes off everywhere xox

  2. Great photos, great cause - shared it


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